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EX - USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950 Photo Album

Recent Changes Made to the USS R.S. Edwards DD-950 Photo Album
CDR Napoleon S. Ferraris (an EM3 aboard 1974-76)
1956-1970 Photos from the Crew of the Forrest Sherman Class Destroyer USS R.S. Edwards DD 950
1959 Commissioning Information
The Collision with the USS Bennington
R.S. Edwards DD-950 1961 Photos
1961 A
1961 B
Oil King
1963 A
Jack Sanders 1964
More 1964A
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
The 1964 Attack
1966 Cruise Book
Photos of RM Mike West's 1967-1968 Tour in Vietnam at Naval Support Activity, Binh Thuy.
More Photos of RM Mike West's 1967-1968 Tour in Vietnam
More Photos of RM Mike West's 1967-1968 Tour in Vietnam
Mothers in 1968
1971-1982 Photos by the Crew of the USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950
Narrative of the 1972 WestPAC
More 1972A
More 1972B
More 1972C
More 1972D
More 1972E
More 1972F
More 1974A
More 1974B
More 1974C
More 1974D
More 1974E
More 1974F
More 1974G
More 1974H
More 1974I
More 1975A
More 1975B
More 1975C
More 1975D
More 1975E
More 1975F
More 1975G
More 1975H
PC Lonnie Collins
1977 Cruise Book
1981 B
1981 C
More 1981-97
Forum, eMail & Chat Room
Message Boards
Veteran's Directory
USN  Directory
NavRing Information
Webmaster Tools
Where are the crewmembers of the USS R.S. Edwards DD 950 now?
The First DD-950 Reunion -- 1996
May 12th, 1997
4 members of the CPO Mess 1978-79
Photos of the 2000 Reunion
Bob Sheard
Bob Tuttle & Don Kruger
TUT, Kress and Bruce Child
Bus Tour
Carl MacPherson
Tom Suter and Son
Minks, Kurtz & Beck
The Gang
John Gabbert
Don Haslett
Reunion 2000 Photo
2000 DD-950 Reunion Photo Legend
De Knikker
Jim Kress
John Pitts
Glenn Sears in April of 2000
Tom Suter and Family
The Ex-USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950) Favorite Links
More Links
Web Rings
Table of Contents
To DD950.COM
Yeoman's Shack
DD-950 Ship's Store
More Merchants
Make Some Easy Money for the DD-950 Association
Buy a Ball Cap
Buy a T-Shirt
Get a Free Credit Check
The Seattle/Tacoma 2002 Reunion
DD-950 Association Contacts Forums
2001 Crew List
Search Tips
Searching for Shipmates Links
1966 Crew List
1977 Crew List
List of Plank Owners
Volunteers Needed
Assoc. History
Assoc. By-Laws
How to submit photos and information to the USS R.S. Edwards DD-950 Photo Album
Send Photos
Send Info
Free Film Processing
More Photo Processing Home Page
Destroyer Directory Message Board
Voting Booth

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Table of Contents

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