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1966 Cruise Book

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1965 dan3.jpg (9821 bytes) This photo of Dan Hayward was taken after the cruise of 1965.  In Feb. of 2000 we found Dan in Oregon.
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1966 group.jpg (39952 bytes) FRONT: Left-To-Right, Engblom, E. L., Albrech, D. L., Walker, H. D., Poteet, B. D., Hess, S D. BACK: Pena, P. B., Gorley, J. L., Balazs, R. A., Williams, A. H. Toftun, A. N., Ricker, D. A., Chief Maimone -- 100s more photos like this in the 1966 cruise book.
1966 pokerr2.jpg (10441 bytes) An underway poker game in radio central.   The High Rollers are, clockwise: QM Brown, RM West, RM Ferland, RM Ronan, But the guy under the clock I can't remember...

Mike West, Dana Point, CA Feb. 2000

1966 004.jpg (26900 bytes) A little bumpy in the sea of Japan.
1966 001n.jpg (21916 bytes) Tying up to the Dock in Buckner Bay, Okinawa.  A two hour fuel stop on the way home from the 1966 WestPAC.  The Captain wouldn't give most of us liberty, only the Senior P.O.s. Probably because of the mess we made of Midway at our three hour fuel stop when he gave half the crew liberty. Well, what do you expect when you only have three hours to get fueled up for both the ship and the crew?
1966 014crp.jpg (27968 bytes) The USS Enterprise refueling the USS Bainbridge.  We were next.

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Follow this link to see over 225 photos from the 1966 WestPAC. Thanks to Bill Escott on the left here who provided his copy of the cruise book for scanning.  On the right is RD Hollis in 1966.

More photos from 1966 and beyond on the next page.

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