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1963 A

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1962 dirtyworkin.jpg (7611 bytes) From left to right: BT's Jim Kress, Johnnie Herron, Gerald Case (now deceased), and Grant Keller. "We were cleaning boilers.   Dirty work but someone had to do it." --Jim Kress
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1962 afterrm.jpg (18799 bytes) From left to right: BT's Jim Kress, Ken Wright, Gerald Case (now deceased), Wade Gilbert, and Grant Keller.  "We were all standing watch in the aft fire room.  You can see it was hard work."   --Jim Kress
1962 Having1_2.jpg (7837 bytes) BT Jim Kress enjoying a quick beverage during the 1962 WestPAC.
1962 flores62tif.jpg (15183 bytes) CS Bill Flores, Pearl Harbor, HI.
1963 kress_sanders.jpg (41794 bytes) From left to right: Jim KressJack Sanders (our president), John Gabbert, __?__ Willis, and Fred Allen, in the forward boiler room.

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1963 navyph~2.jpg (9494 bytes) Here is a picture of Wade Gilbert the Oil King, cleaning up a little overflow in 1963.
1963 Snipesun_2.jpg (31961 bytes) Here is a photo of some snipes getting some sun. They never got to see much of it.   This picture was taken in (?) 1963.  Left to right is Charles (Oggie) Ogden, Jim Kress, __?__ DeGraw, Jack Sanders, and John Gabbert.

     More photos from the years 1963 and beyond on the next pages.

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