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1970 captjac2a.jpg (13898 bytes) CDR Walter "Jack" Deal. CO, '70-'72.

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1970 edwards2a.jpg (37030 bytes) Jan. 2001

This is a scan of a button that my dad used to give out on the Edwards. I don't know that there are many left in existence, but if you'd like it for the archives you are welcome to it. 

Keep up the good work, 

Susan Deal, Daughter of Walter C. (Jack) Deal, CO of the Edwards from 1970-72.

1970 don8.jpg (5761 bytes) Don Farrar in June of 1970.  Don was an OS aboard 1970-1973.
1970 minks701.jpg (4442 bytes) Marshall "Skip" Minks, BTCS, photo from the 1970 commissioning program booklet. Now living in Florida.
1970 tutbtcm1.jpg (11930 bytes) Robert Tuttle in a June 1970 boot camp photo.  Bob lied about his age to enlist, he was only 5 at the time. Bob later served nearly five years of his four year enlistment on the DD-950 between 1971 and 1976.
1970 cbbunck.jpg (13477 bytes) BM Corey Buck in the 1970's.  Do you remember living out of those lockers?
1970 cbwatch2.jpg (14503 bytes) BM Corey Buck, onboard 1970-1973, shown here standing watch.
1970 gig.jpg (15499 bytes) BM Corey Buck sends this photo from the 1970's.  A familiar site to most of the deck force.
1970 gigtrans.jpg (13402 bytes) Another photo from BM Corey Buck that brings back some memories.
1970 nola2.jpg (9595 bytes) Here BM Corey Buck sends a message home to LA.

  More photos from the years 1971 and beyond on the next page.

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