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DD-950 Association Contacts
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Jack Sanders  President
Bob Tuttle Vice-President
Jim Kress Treasurer
Ed Hovater Secretary 
Tom Petersen Reunion Contact 
Mailing address for all: C/O,  Richard S. Edwards Association, Post Office Box 970, Broken Arrow, OK 74013-0970
Everybody is welcome to open and use a email account:

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  1. Please add or Check your Information on the 2001 Crew List
  2. Please report changes to your email or Street Addresses
  3. Join and Support the DD-950 Association
  4. Submit Photos and Information for the Newsletters and Websites
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We want all past DD-950 shipmates to please insure that your name is listed on the DD-950 2001 Crew List.  Use the links on that page to add your information or make changes with the people who maintain that list.

You may post an email address there publicly if you desire, or we will forward both email and US Mail to you. The 2001 Crew List is the only place where we make your address public.  If you only want your name, but do not want your email address posted on the 2001 Crew List, please make that clear to the list maintainers. 

You may wish to use a Web based email address such as our own above, or Yahoo and Hotmail.  Those addresses will never change for you, are accessible from anywhere, and will help us maintain the list.  They all have some anti-virus protection and spam controls.  Our email system will automagically send you a notification email to another email address when you receive email at

Your addresses in our other records are never made public.  We will forward all your correspondence we receive to you.  We respect your privacy. We will not share your information with anyone without your permission.

To report a change of email or street address with the DD-950 Association, please contact Bob Tuttle
We hope you will decide to join and become an active member of the DD-950 Association and/or make a voluntary donation.  To do so, please contact Bob "TUT" Tuttle

Bob Tuttle accepts donations for the DD-950 Association from yourMake payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! credit cards to the email address via all the online bank email payment systems such as PayPlace, Ecount and PayPal.    If you are not already a member of one those services you can click through this PayPal link and sign up.

We appreciate your submissions of photos and stories for the Websites and newsletters.  Some hopefully helpful information on how to submit them electronically is found on the submission pages. You may also send items US Post to: Newsletter/Webteam, C/O Richard S. Edwards Association, Post Office Box 970, Broken Arrow, OK 74013-0970.  We also accept large donations in small unmarked, non-sequentially numbered bills at that address.

Subscribe to our DD-950 e-mail newsletter list and keep informed of what is happening with the alumni association.  This is a low volume announcement list for items that pertain to all past crewmembers.  If you changed your email address, just sign up again with your new one.  These email addresses are not made public.

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Want more Navy Destroyer news to read?  Subscribe to the NavyDestroyerSailors e-mail list below.  This is a lively discussion list intended for Destroyer sailors, new and old.  Fans of destroyers, Navy or not, are welcome also. Find old (and young) shipmates, crews, officers. Sea stories are most welcome! The NavyDestroyerSailors email list is a good place to post those "looking for..." type messages to find past sailors.  Have fun and relive your best memories of destroyer service.

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