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1966 015n.jpg (21573 bytes) Fill her up, and be sure to get the windshield.
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1966 008n.jpg (16556 bytes) Radio Central's, "Score Board."
1966 016n.jpg (21605 bytes) Liberty Call, Hong Kong.
1966 017n.jpg (19708 bytes) RSE at anchor, Hong Kong Harbor.
1966 018n.jpg (22348 bytes) RM Ferland resting after UNREP.
1966 003n.jpg (26152 bytes) Remember these lockers?
1966 002.jpg (19927 bytes) Sunset in the Tonkin Gulf.
1966 poe_fadley.jpg (7041 bytes) MM Grover (Brick) Poe and Fadley.
1966 gigdamage66.jpg (9515 bytes) Gig Damage

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