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First make sure your information is listed in our own DD-950 2001 Crew list. Maybe somebody is looking for you! Check your information listed there and if it is missing or needs changed, use the link on that page to notify the people in charge of it. Please note: If you do not want to have your email address listed publicly, or if you don't have one, let them know and they will forward both email and US Mail to you.

You may also want to open an email account at our own and use it to post publicly.  These Web based email accounts such as ours, Hotmail and Yahoo are handy as your email address will never change.  They all have some virus protection and a "bulk mail" function to help screen out some of the advertisements or "spam" you will receive from a publicly posted email address.  You can set our email system to send you a note to another email address when you receive mail.

Second, list your information while you search for your past shipmates at the better organizations on the Internet.  Some of these have come and gone over the past 15 years, but recently A & E Broadcasting Group has taken over and with that financial backing it will most likely be around for awhile and become effective. cross references listings with all the military units people were associated with.  Your shipmate may have spent time at other commands and may be to busy to look for the DD-950 yet.  As time goes on and more and more veterans add their info to's database, it may become the best Personnel Locator to find people you served with.

Click through and sign up for FREE from here and will pay the DD-950 Association a $1.00 reward.

Find Your Unit Homepage Today!


Below are some links to the better Websites we have found to search for past shipmates.  If you find a better one, please let us know at and we will list it here too.


United States Navy Memorial Foundation
Founded in 1977, honors all who have served in the sea services and perpetuates their heritage, values and traditions. Every sailor should register and enter their information into the database, the Navy Log.  There are now over 250,000 servicemen listed.
A service for: Former and current, active and reserve, military personnel, their families and friends. And, those trying to locate any of these people for personal reasons. 
NAVYSPIES Investigations Organization®
Provides you with links to many free and pay-for databases as well as helpful information on how to do all this! We recommend you get a 'quick start' by clicking here! Please note they are in the process of UPDATING the entire website! We apologize for any inconvenience!
Search for lost shipmates, find other Military Web sites, and all the veterans information you will ever need.
The Seeker's
A great Website for the searcher. They added a link back to the DD-950 Web site for us, so be sure to tell them we said hello.
World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service
A good place to look, and list your info, if you served during those years. Plus, there is good information and links for all searchers found here.
American Veteran Search
Some free services, but mostly a paid for service.
A paid for service.  If you click through this link the DD-950 Association will receive a commission.  If you add up all the mail and telephone costs of your own searches, it might be a feasible alternative.
Yahoo People Search
Probably the best white pages search available on the Internet at this time.  Yet, try them all as they all return different results.  Yahoo will try to get you to pay for the services.  Don't do it, click through the link above if you decide to use  
Look up email and telephone addresses here too.
Recently added a Veteran database to their services.  Like most such services, they allow you to list your information for free, then charge you to search their database.  You may also find a past shipmate here if you know their hometown and look for the high school reunion.

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