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1977 Crew List
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1977 Cruise Book Crew List

This index page is for the convenience of those searching for photos of crewmembers in the 1977 Cruise Book which is on another server.  Search this page for the individual you are looking for with the search function of your browser (Ctlr+F).  Then use the link to the photos in the section where you find the individual on this page.

You will then be in the 1977 cruise book Web site and will need to navigate back with the back button of your browser or use the link to the home page of this Web site to return.   Or, remain and enjoy the rest of the 1977 cruise Book.

You may also go directly to the 1977 Cruise book and use the search page on that Web site.


Commanding Officer: CDR John W. Walker
Executive Officer: LCDR D.W. Chenualt, II
Operations Officer: LT Roy W. Russel
Supply Officer: LT James R. McClurg
Supply Officer: LT Anthony E. Steigelman
Weapons Officer: LT Ralph F. Renzelman
Chief Engineer: LCDR James P. Kelly
Engineering Officer: LT Daniel J. Callahan
Weapons Officer: LT Jeffrey L. Flood

Officers, Second Page

OI Division CIC Officer: LT R.E. Orcutt
OC Division Communication Officer: LTJG J.L. Jones
ON Division Admin Officer: LTJG D.H. Tomlinson
Supply Officer Disbursing Officer: ENS T.L. Ward
Electrical Maint. Assistant: ENS D.M. Polak
Electronic Maint. Officer: ENS J.L. Hammond R
Division Damage Control Assistant: ENS D.A. Selecman
First Division First Lieutenant: LTJG S.W. Vandenbosch
Second Division Gunnery Assistant: LTJG G.D. Porter
Third Division ASW Officer: ENS P.A. Tracy
B Division: ENS N.A. Koreisha
M Division Main Propulsion Asst.: LTJG K.J. Knieriem

Chief Petty Officers

Wright, L.B., Kurz,G.J., Barnes, K.D., Poehler, L.C., Jones, R.O., Harrison, J.D., Slaughter, G.A., Dela Rosa, N.R., Anderson, R.W.

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Buchanan, H.W., Jaeger, K.H., Brannan, RE., Bosque, G.M., Mercer, D.D., Salerno, R.D., Cooper, R.D., Stacey, T.A., Fowler, K.L., Montgomery, G.B., Quintana, J.N., Hays, J.W., Midshipman Smith, P.A.,

RAN, Squires, M.J., Popp, D.R., Montgomery, A.D., Clark, J.T., Sarcos, A.A., Moliman, P.H., Johnson, D.C., Stalicop, F.A., Hardy, J.H., Lillie, C.B., Avalos, J.L., Petty, S.F., Jacobson, R.L., Trumble, MR., Rupe, R.A., Morgan, J.A., Pederson, R.O., Hicks, C.A., Harkins, C.S., Knight, J.J., Clark, R., Vandenbosch, S.W.
Gardner, M.J., West, J.T., Adkins, J.W., Lopez, S., Lemon, D.S., MeArdle, D.F., Thompson, L.E., Weeks, W.N., Grein, L.F., Phillips, E.D., Halcrow, E.J., Flaute, K.J., Kinney, G.A., Amorosi, P.J., Cauthon, G.N.,

Gruenwald, T.J., Sneve, S.A., Jimenez, R.J., Hadler, J.G., Triano, MG., Robertson, T.W., Caldwell, C., Midshipman Suppes, P.L., Babcock, B.G., Rogstad, M.O., Porter, G.D.
Allison, M.P., Shipp, S.B., Krahenbuhl, B., Ernest, P.F., Forbeck, N.L., Close, R P., Lindsey, W.F., Kennel, K.E., Cline, S.K., Frazier, D.D., Curtis, D.C., Siminons, W.L., Moran, W. J., Rosenbaurn, L., Lewellyn, R.M., Tracy, P.A.

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Barrientos, MM., Cuthbertson, T.W., Schiminel, O.K., John, C.A., Ellis, E.D., Carter, DR., Montalvo, H.T., Deleon, J.Y., Howell, G.E., Paulen, K.F., Dupuis, D.R., Koreisha, N.A., Walter, W.D., Mallette, C.A.,

Gordon, S.R., Donithan, K.K., Marceau, S.J., Zanders, G.H., Heyman, B.H., Lutz, R.J., Willoughby, L.C., Fontes, G.E., Kirkland, W.T., Garney, J.M., Lynch, F.K., Sotomeyer, C.A., Placker, R.G., Wentzel, ML., Shelp, G.T., Thiel, J.A., Brant, D.R., Edwards, R.E.
Ingersol, K.R., Knieriem, K.J., Beede, MA., Larnbert, P.R., Moore, R.W., Hutchinson, R.A., Stevens, R.L., Pierson, G.A., Gryer, A.R.,

Taylor, G.W., Procter, H.E., Myers, D.J., Hainlett, E.G., Moore, G.L., McKean, J.L., Berry, B.A., Dalan, S.A., Winters, G.M., Kiel, G.M., Gillard, J.G., Hicks, H.A., Fagan, G.R.

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Smith, G.R., Domingo, V.B., Paviovich, G.R., Coulombe, D.J., Phillips, E.D., Gomez, F.A., Haw, MA., Neill, D.C., Hollis, C.D., Lillie, MW., Balangue, J.D., Rodriquez, E.S.

Kurz, G.J., Selecman, D.A., Jones, J.M., Anderson, RD., Spruell, L.C., Keefer, F.S., Reilly, P.J., King, K.A., Jensen, L.D., Oliver, E.J., Hendrickson, V.E., Anderson, C.R., Chesney, J.L., Hayes, P.J.,

Arnzen, G.R., Evenson, L.J., Stenberg, A.R., Crunk, J.M., Morehead, R.E., Jamison, P.M., Lewis, R.J., Foster, M.G., Fernandez, A.D., Driemeyer, D.L., Coffelt, RO., Poehler, L.C., Polak, D.M.


Martin, G.L., Ruaya, A.R., Kleiber, W.H., Duff, M.A., Payne, B.U., Moorhouse, T.P., Ward, T.L., Panganiban, A.M., Long, R.L., Mars, RE.,

Davis, B.R., Raif, R.G., Scruggs, J.E., Ragadio, F.M., Hettich, R.L., Poe, A.E., Spaulding, RE., Dias, R.B., Lopez, D.R., Parker, E.H., Chaloux, M., Mulvaney, S.M., Landry, B.M., Williams, C.C., Bass, J.T., Lacson, R.C., Corbin, K., Dela Rosa, N.R., Morrison, R.R.


Slaughter, GA., Walters, M.L., Maciejewski, G.E., Hernandez, A.G., Garison, J.E., Sinyser, D.K., Roith, L.D., Nahilk, J.F., Strait, R.L., Howerton, T.W., Pearcy, K.D., Munoz, R. F., Wilson, A.J., Kruse, T.J., Cox, MR., Barrett, R.C., Wilebski, T.F., Jones, J.L.
Sandstrum, WE., Biondo, T.C., Cassidy, MA., Hayes, T.E., Buchanan, RE., Pollock, K.A., Hammond, J.L., Orcutt, R.E.

Marsh, L.L., Kaas, M.D., Buffenmeyer, R.J., Kleiber, W.H., Collins, M.A., Daignault, R.M., Gorshkoff, P.J.

Penn, R.A., Warren, J.M., Pay, L.N., Ullery, H.E., Allen, E.S., Zlomke, B.S., Roof, G.B., Depasquale, A.B., Rice, M.X., Hutton, G.J., Pitton, J.E.

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Hensley, M.S., Barnes, K.D., Lacourse, R.J., Samson, B.S., Millington, D.D., Seiders, M.L., Hamilton, MG., Ennis, RH., Goggin, J.A., Nolan, C.H., Collier, H.P., Fischer, R.R., Freet, R.J., Hopper, K.F., Harrison, J.D., Tomlinson, D.H.


Mikkelson, D.M., Carr, J.D., Rozman, KR., Berry, E.F., Flanagan, M.R., Burrell, C.R., Lucas, D.R., Ellis, E.D., Mata, A.F., Miranda, S.C., Jackson, L.C., Duran, M.J.

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