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1974? mendad1.jpg (74981 bytes) This is Bruce Curran STG, in 1974? Not sure who's holding up his arm. What compartment is that? Combat? Too much room to be Sonar.

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1974? carlrog1.jpg (51362 bytes) On the left, Bill Carl, STG, and Roger Stalvey, STG, in 1974 or maybe 1975.
1974 GMGs Leroy Plumber-John Pitts.jpg (20248 bytes) GMGs Leroy Plumber and John Pitts on the fantail in Kaoshiung.
1974 BM Rocky Smoka.jpg (25706 bytes) BM Rocky Smoka?

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1974 GMGs Jim Hollis-Pat Vetzel.jpg (39244 bytes) GMGs Jim Hollis and Pat Vetzell.
1974 GMGs_Bill_Powell_Dennis_Boysen.jpg (26637 bytes) GMGs Bill Powell and Dennis Boysen.

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