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023.jpg (24616 bytes) RM Mike West holding a captured AK47 which was actually taken during a SEAL mission.

All of the photos shown here were taken by the EX-DD-950 crewmember RM Mike West between Nov. 1967 and Nov. 1968. Mike spent that time period after leaving the DD-950 assigned to Naval Support Activity, Binh Thuy, Vietnam. This was a PBR base with 10 boats and two gunships when he arrived, but grew to over 30 boats. Naval Support Activity, Binh Thuy, was also the command post for COMRIVPATFOR VN (CTF116).

Mike was a Radioman, and worked in Comcenter, as well as TOC, with direct access and control of our PBR patrols. He made over 20 patrols himself, and assisted in inserting SEAL teams and extracting them from operations.

After leaving the Navy, Mike West joined the Army. He is presently (Feb. 2000) a charter boat captain in Dana Point, California.

vietnam.gif (29406 bytes)
019d.jpg (29104 bytes) This picture was taken during a monsoon rainfall. It was taken from the front of the barracks (hooch) I lived in. When Sea Wolf's were launched the prop wash blew through the hooch and brought any rain, bugs, or anything else that would fit through a two inch slot, to rest on your bunk.
032.jpg (20687 bytes) Our pet monkey. He really liked Pabts Blue Ribbon.
033.jpg (29906 bytes) One of our four guard towers.
030.jpg (23726 bytes) PBR battle damage. Notice the pealed armor plate on the aft .50 gun mount. It was hit with B-40 rocket grenade.  One crew man was seriously injured and the coxwin had minor burns.
028.jpg (27626 bytes) Photo taken from the guard tower looking up river from the base. The Bassac River at that point was nearly a mile wide.

More photos from RM Mike West's tour in Vietnam on the next pages.

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