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To join the NavRing, click on the "Join Ring" button on any of the NavRing WebRing banners like the one above.  After completing the sign up form, if you do not already have a WebRing banner on your page, cut and paste the simple one line of code on the site to the page you listed with NavRing.  You now only have to place one line of code on your page for all the WebRings you belong to.

  Please note that you must place the code for the WebRing banner on the page you listed with the WebRing.  Websites will now be checked automatically for the presence of the banner and if it is not found on that page, the Website will be removed from the WebRing navigation system.

If you have one of the old style NavRing banners on your Website, you may be able to continue using it if you wish.  Please make sure that your record at is updated with the correct URL and a good email address.  If Your old NavRing banner it is not working now, write the with the name and URL of the Website.

Please note that the old NavRing banners have old information in them that is misleading and no longer valid. There is no longer any NavRing homepage as listed in the old banners.  We recommend replacing the old WebRing banners with the new system.  

There are many advantages to the new WebRing banner system for the Webmaster.  Most importantly, all the graphics are on the WebRing server.  The WebRing banner will not slow down the loading of your WebPages.  The new banner is now just one easy line of code to cut and paste to your Web page for all the WebRings you belong to and join in the future.  That one banner will be all you will need to add to your page for all the WebRings you decide to join.  As you join more WebRings, they will automatically appear on your WebRing banner.

The NavRing Forum has been replaced with a new system of message boards that you can add to your own Website and customize to look like part of your own Website. The message boards on the above page are an example.  See the WebMaster Tools page for instructions on how to add your own message boards to your site.


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