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Sunk as a target ship off the coast of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands on May 12th, 1997


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The "FIGHTIN' TOTEMS" flew two P-3's to Barbers Point and participated in a CTF-12 SINKEX combined operation consisting of various naval surface and air assets off the coast of Kauai. The SINKEX involved two P-3s from VP-69, helo detachments, VPs-1, 4 & 47, and a four-ship Canadian Task Group. . The excercise involved firing and delivering assorted missiles and bombs "on target" which was a de-commissioned U.S. Naval Destroyer, EX-USS EDWARDS (DD-950). VP-69's aircrew, piloted by Mission Commander LCDR Mike Sheedy, Co-Piloted by LCDR Mike Stinson, and led by Tactical Coordinator LCDR Joe Engman, fired a live air to surface missile (HARPOON) at the target, which resulted in a perfect center hull hit.

(Thanks to www.DD950.Com and  EN Mike Lillie  who obtained these photos.)

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