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1977 Cruise Book
1981 B
1981 C
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1977 yoko6.jpg (29785 bytes) This is the year Jimmy Carter entered the White House, Elvis died, and the DD-950 published another cruise book.  Click on this picture to take a look at nearly 100 photos of the ship and crew in 1977.
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1981 westpac81_3n.jpg (21943 bytes) The DD-950 at anchor in Maizuro, Japan in 1981.
1981 mattn.jpg (17263 bytes) Maizaru, Japan.  MMFN Matt?  Hey, when you got to go, you got to go...

tigerrbalm81n.jpg (21572 bytes)

Tiger Balm Garden, Hong Kong.
1981 nzwaterfall.jpg (26462 bytes) New Zealand Waterfall.
1981 nzwinemakern.jpg (21929 bytes) MM Hadley and a New Zealand farmer/winemaker.
1981 nzwinestoren.jpg (25881 bytes) MM Hadley and MM Frasier normally didn't drink alcohol, but when in Rome...

 More photos from the years 1981 and beyond on the next page.

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