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Volunteers Needed
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Chat Room Hosts - We have all been to busy enjoying the summer weather to spend much time in the chat room.  Sorry to say, summer is over and the colder weather will make spending some time with old friends in the DD-950 Chat Room a good way to spend a chilly evening.  We need some volunteer chat room hosts to insure there is somebody there at the time we advertise the chats.

This one is easy, just let us know at that you can take on the responsibility of being in the Chat Room at perhaps 7:00 PM Saturday night every week.  The important part is that somebody is always there when we advertise the chat time.

We have found Saturday at 7 PM Central time to be one of the best chat times, but we are open to suggestions if you would like to try a different day and time.  Just let us know when is good for you at .  An important part is that the time is the same every week, that makes it easy to remember.  


Webmasters - Sounds complicated doesn't it?  Well, it is really not all that difficult to join the Webteam here.  You do not have to know how to make a Web page.  What we need is a person or persons from some of the different time periods the DD-950 was in operation to write the shipmates and talk the photos and scrap book items out of them.

Putting the DD-950 Photo album together may look easy.  Just put the notice up and wait for the photos to come in right?  Well, not exactly.  In fact, very little of the material on display here just showed up.  Most items were the result of somebody writing the shipmates and asking them two or three times to send us a copy of their material.

We need a person or persons from the appropriate time periods to write their shipmates and ask them to take part and contribute their photos.  That is the main job of the Webteam here.

We would like to have a Webmaster for the following time periods:  1956 - 1964, 1965 - 1970, 1971 - 1976, 1977 - 1982.

If you would like to take on the job of writing your past shipmates on the 2000 crew list and asking for their input, please volunteer for the Webmaster job at


Archivist - A rather serious volunteer position is that of archivist. Somebody needs to be responsible for the items the DD-950 association is collecting;  All the flags, cruise books, etc.  Perhaps we need a couple of people to split the load.

I have noticed that some other ships have a "room" on one of the museum ships of their same class.  Perhaps somebody could work towards a DD-950 Room on one of the Forrest Sherman museum ships such as the Turner Joy (DD-951) in Bremerton, WA.  Write if interested in the job.  

Area Members-at-Large -  We like to encourage local reunions in various areas of the country.  You could help find additional past shipmates by posting reunion notices in your local or regional newspapers.

Scheduling a regional reunion can be fun.  Just set a date, a restaurant, ball game, or some other venue and advertise the event with us here and locally in your newspapers and veterans groups.  You may be surprised how many "Ready Eddie" people live within walking distance.  I was, we have turned up three past DD-950 shipmates living in my small town of 15,000 which is a hundred miles from nowhere. 

Interested in starting your own movement?  Please write: .  


Now it is your turn.  Take a good look at what the present volunteers have done and let us know what is missing.  Do you see something that you could do to make the DD-950 Association better?  Don't keep it a secrete, let us know about it now.  Please write:  

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