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1961 A
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1961 dtsonar2tif.jpg (25368 bytes) The 1961 Sonar Gang. Rear row, Right to Left: Ens. Pariseau, Carson, Carhart, Frank Boyd, Doug Teeter, Willy Shiels. Front row, right to left: Chief Armstrong, Rex Knodle, Danny Little and Kerble.
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1961 dtmidwa1tif.jpg (30185 bytes) The DD-950 tied up at Midway.
1961 dtcoins1tif.jpg (26911 bytes) Personal inspection by Capt. Thornhill of the FT's, Sonar and Torpedo gangs.
1961 dtrsesa2tif.jpg (30079 bytes) The EX-USS R. S. Edwards (DD-950) leaving San Diego in the early 1960's.
1961 hk61_2.jpg (26130 bytes) A photo of the DD-950 anchored in Hong Kong harbor in 1961. Taken from a distance by Ed Woodrich on the Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 during the WestPAC cruise of 1961. Thanks for taking the time to send in the photo Ed!
1961 dtpiswe1tif.jpg (17098 bytes) Remember that Filipino sweetie who loved only you?  Read the back of the photo.

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More photos from the years 1961 and beyond on the next pages.

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